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Personal Details
CECC Record Number: 2016-00211   Ethnic Group: Tibetan
Detention Status: DET   Sex: M
Issue Category: eth/rel/spch/assoc   Age at Detention: 35
Main Name: Jamyang Lodroe   Religion: Tibetan Buddhist (Jonang)
Chinese Characters (Main Name): 江央洛珠(音) Occupation: monk (Buddhist)
Alternate Name (Lay or Pen):   Affiliation: Tsinang Mon.
Additional Name(s):   Residence Province: Sichuan Province
Pinyin Name: Jiangyang Luozhu   Residence Prefecture: Aba [Ngaba] Tibetan & Qiang Auto. Pref.
  Residence County: Aba [Ngaba] Cty.
Imprisonment or Detention Details
Date of Detention: 2016/05/14
Current Prison: Ngaba pref. (general location)
Sentence Length (Years): 3
Sentence Length (Months):
Sentence Length (Weeks):
Sentence Length (Days):
Province Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Sichuan Province
Prefecture Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Aba [Ngaba] Tibetan & Qiang Auto. Pref.
County Where Imprisoned (or Detained): (na)
Legal Process
Legal Process: chg?/tri?/sent   Formal Arrest Date:
Trial Court:   Trial Date:
Sentence Court:   Sentence Date: 2017/07/04
Appeal Court:   Appeal Date:
Appeal Ruling Court:   Appeal Ruling Date:
Charge (Statute):   Sent. Ends Per PRC:
  Actual Date Released:
Short Summary
Based on an RFA report (26 May 16) citing a Tibetan source living in Europe, on May 14, 2016, public security officials took into custody monk Jamyang Lodroe, age 35, while he was in front of a hospital located in the Ma’erkang (Barkham) county seat, the capital of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province. Tsinang Monastery, where Jamyang lived, is located near the seat of Aba (Ngaba) county, Aba T&QAP. RFA described the reason for the detention as “unclear.” RFA’s source said that “local Tibetans believe it may have been because of his writing and publication online of politically sensitive articles, and because he had shared these with other Tibetans.” VoT (7 July 17) reported that on July 4, 2017, a court in Heishui (Trochu) county, Aba T&QAP, sentenced Jamyang to 3 years in prison on unknown charges. Information on his location and status was not available.