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Personal Details
CECC Record Number: 2016-00090   Ethnic Group:
Detention Status: DET   Sex: M
Issue Category: spch/info   Age at Detention: 51
Main Name: Gui Minhai   Religion:
Chinese Characters (Main Name): 桂民海 Occupation: publishing, books
Alternate Name (Lay or Pen): 桂敏海   Affiliation: Mighty Current Media
Additional Name(s): Michael Gui, Ah Hai, 阿海   Residence Province: [foreign]
Pinyin Name:   Residence Prefecture: (na)
  Residence County: (na)
Imprisonment or Detention Details
Date of Detention: 2015/10/dd
Current Prison: Ningbo (general location)
Sentence Length (Years):
Sentence Length (Months):
Sentence Length (Weeks):
Sentence Length (Days):
Province Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Zhejiang Province
Prefecture Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Ningbo Shi (pref.)
County Where Imprisoned (or Detained): (na)
Legal Process
Legal Process: PSB   Formal Arrest Date:
Trial Court:   Trial Date:
Sentence Court:   Sentence Date:
Appeal Court:   Appeal Date:
Appeal Ruling Court:   Appeal Ruling Date:
Charge (Statute):   Sent. Ends Per PRC:
  Actual Date Released:
Short Summary
According to ICPC (1 March 16), HRW (10 February 16), RFA (6 November 15), the Guardian (8 December 15), NYT (4 January 16), and HKFP (8 March 16), on or around October 17, 2015, Swedish citizen Gui Minhai, co-owner of Hong Kong publisher Mighty Current Media, which sells books critical of Chinese leaders, disappeared from his home in Pattaya, Thailand. Three colleagues—Lui Bo, Cheung Chi-ping, and Lam Wing-kei—went missing that month in Guangdong province. State TV (CCTV, 17 January 16) aired a confession by Gui, saying he turned himself in after fleeing China in 2004 while serving a suspended sentence. State-funded media outlet The Paper (28 February 16) reported that Gui, Lui, Cheung, and Lam were under investigation for “illegal business activity” related to shipping books to China. The four appeared on Chinese TV on February 28, confessing to illegally importing books. In February 2016, British citizen and Mighty Current editor Lee Bo, who disappeared in Hong Kong on December 30, said he was assisting with Gui’s investigation in China. The five are believed to have been detained by Chinese officials. In October 2017, Chinese officials reportedly told Swedish diplomats Gui had been released, but Gui's daughter was unable to contact or locate him (Guardian, 24 October 17).