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Personal Details
CECC Record Number: 2015-00435   Ethnic Group:
Detention Status: REL?   Sex: M
Issue Category: lab/civil/assoc   Age at Detention:
Main Name: Deng Xiaoming   Religion:
Chinese Characters (Main Name): 邓小明 Occupation: NGO, staff
Alternate Name (Lay or Pen):   Affiliation:
Additional Name(s):   Residence Province: Guangdong Province
Pinyin Name:   Residence Prefecture: Guangzhou Shi (pref.)
  Residence County: (na)
Imprisonment or Detention Details
Date of Detention: 2015/12/03
Current Prison: Guangzhou No. 1 PSB Det. Ctr.
Sentence Length (Years):
Sentence Length (Months):
Sentence Length (Weeks):
Sentence Length (Days):
Province Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Guangdong Province
Prefecture Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Guangzhou Shi (pref.)
County Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Guangzhou Shi Muni. Urb. Area (cty.)
Legal Process
Legal Process: PSB/rel?   Formal Arrest Date:
Trial Court:   Trial Date:
Sentence Court:   Sentence Date:
Appeal Court:   Appeal Date:
Appeal Ruling Court:   Appeal Ruling Date:
Charge (Statute):   Sent. Ends Per PRC:
  Actual Date Released:
Short Summary
According to HRCIC (7 December 15), CLB (7 December 15; 11 December 15), and Front Line Defenders (8 December 15), on December 3, 2015, public security officials in Guangzhou municipality, Guangdong province, took into custody Deng Xiaoming, a labor rights advocate and staff member of the Haige Labor Services Center, a Guangzhou-based labor NGO. Authorities reportedly held Deng at the Guangzhou No. 1 PSB Detention Center, but sources did not report on what charges. Deng’s detention was reportedly part of a crackdown by Chinese authorities on labor rights advocates and independent labor organizations in Guangdong beginning in December 2015. As of January 9, at least 7 labor activists had been detained, including Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei, He Xiaobo, and Peng Jiayong (RFA, 7 December 15). Detention center authorities reportedly prevented Deng’s lawyer from meeting with him, saying that Deng was suspected of endangering state security (HRCIC, 9 December 15). Authorities reportedly released Deng on bail on January 9, 2016 (RFA, 11 January 16).