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Personal Details
CECC Record Number: 2013-00347   Ethnic Group: Uyghur
Detention Status: DET   Sex: M
Issue Category: spch/eth   Age at Detention: 25
Main Name: Mutellip Imin   Religion:
Chinese Characters (Main Name): 穆塔力浦·伊明 Occupation: student, graduate
Alternate Name (Lay or Pen):   Affiliation: Istanbul University
Additional Name(s):   Residence Province: Xinjiang Uyghur Auto. Region
Pinyin Name: Mutalipu Yiming   Residence Prefecture: Hetian [Hotan] Pref.
  Residence County: Luopu [Lop] Cty.
Imprisonment or Detention Details
Date of Detention: 2014/01/15
Current Prison: Urumqi (general location)
Sentence Length (Years):
Sentence Length (Months):
Sentence Length (Weeks):
Sentence Length (Days):
Province Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Xinjiang Uyghur Auto. Region
Prefecture Where Imprisoned (or Detained): Wulumuqi [Urumqi] Shi (pref.)
County Where Imprisoned (or Detained): (na)
Legal Process
Legal Process: chg/tri/sent   Formal Arrest Date:
Trial Court: Urumqi Intermediate People's Court   Trial Date: 2014/11/25
Sentence Court: Urumqi Intermediate People's Court   Sentence Date: 2014/12/08
Appeal Court:   Appeal Date:
Appeal Ruling Court:   Appeal Ruling Date:
Charge (Statute):   Sent. Ends Per PRC:
  Actual Date Released:
Short Summary
According to RFA (28 January 14) and the NYT (26 September 14), in or around January 2014, security officials in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Beijing municipality detained Uyghur university students Mutellip Imin, Abduqeyum Ablimit, Shohret Nijat, Perhat Halmurat, Atikem Rozi and Akbar Imin, as well as ethnic Yi Luo Yuwei. The Global Times (9 December 14) reported that on December 8, 2014, the Urumqi Intermediate People's Court in Urumqi municipality, XUAR, imposed prison sentences of between 3 and 8 years on all 7 students, convicting them of "separatism" (CL, art. 103) for alleged work on the Uyghur-language news website Uyghur Online. Reports do not specify Imin's exact sentence or whereabouts. The 7 had been students of Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti at Minzu University in Beijing. In September 2014, an Urumqi court sentenced Tohti to life in prison on the charge of "separatism" (Xinhua, 23 September 14). According to Mutellip Imin's blog (9 December 13), on July 14, 2013, authorities previously detained him at the Beijing Capital International Airport as he prepared to board a flight to Turkey. On July 15, 3 security officials escorted Imin to Urumqi, where they detained and interrogated him. In October 2013, authorities escorted Imin to Lop [Luopu] county, XUAR.